One REPL to rule them all


Most (if not all) configuration management tools currently are static in nature, you write you code deploy it and apply (rinse and repeat),still our live environments change rapidly and having this cycle in place really slows our reaction time down, Re-ops is a re-take on how remote operations would look like when using a live REPL to drive them, Re-ops main abstractions include pipelines and operations that are easy to compose since they are plain functions.


Re-ops main components include Re-core for VM orchestration, Re-mote for remote operations and Re-gent for running distributed Clojure functions on our machines. Other components include Re-cog for commonly used distributed provisioning resources and scripts and Re-cipes a collection of recipes both allow rapid workflow during development and runtime of provisioning logic.



Follow the official docs in order to quickstart, use and deep dive into Re-ops.